What’s Your WoW Theme Song?


This weekend on twitter, I noticed a certain someone using the tag #ThemeSongsForWoWClasses. And it got me to thinking, if my favorite WoW characters had theme songs, what should/would they be? Of course, upon close inspection, almost all of my characters are actually named after the musical inspiration I had in mind when I created them. All except for Anexxia that is.

WHAT SONG: Silent Hedges by Bauhaus.
WHY? Too many reasons. First of all, she adores Peter Murphy. Because he is an amazing singer, whose songs encompass her many moods. The song not only sets the dark and moody scene for her explorations of Azeroth…the words speak to her as well: Looking into purple eyes / Sadness at the corners / Works of art with a minimum of steel.

What would your primary character’s theme song be?

10 thoughts on “What’s Your WoW Theme Song?”

  1. This is the case, no matter what toon I’m playing (I have a serious alt problem). It’s too hard to pick one song, so I’ll go with a band/genre:
    PvP: Slayer or Metallica: For the high BPM, raw power guitar riffs and energy.
    Farming/grinding: Some Trance or Goa is nice, mindless music of mindless tasks.
    Dungeons: No music, not even in-game music, I want to hear every sound going on in the environment.
    Questing/leveling: Generally, I like to enjoy the music of that zone, for the atmosphere.
    I only have one toon that has a specific song attached to him… he’s a hunter named Stravaig (which means “to wander”) – his song is totally “Wherever I may roam” by Metallica 😉

  2. It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ Easy Rock….I’m a hunter. 🙂
    It has all of the elements I need to play at a fun fast pace. Other possible choices were Back in Black by AC/DC or Boom Boom Boom by the Black Eyed Peas. I like the hook of the latter.

  3. The Mission Impossible Theme Song.
    Since my main is a rogue and I have always wanted to make that song play when I go into stealth.

  4. Wow, this is a good question. I’m going to have to think about this one, because nothing comes to mind immediately. I want to figure this out, though; I’m sure Ambermist has a theme song…

  5. If I’m just wistfully questing and leveling I just pick something at random or will play stand-up shows on my 2nd monitor.
    When I’m in a dedicated kill mode for dailies or pvp, I like heavier metal-like stuff from Slipknot, White/Rob Zombie, Metallica, etc.
    When I’m in a big group activity, I turn it off so I can focus on Ventrilo and in-game cues.

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