World of Logs Explained

Not by me, but by Kadomi.

Looks like my Firefox seemed to block my ability to see some of its tabs etc., hence my being vexed when I would try to see more details. Now I have homework tonight of going to look at our most recent log through WoL and see if I can follow her well-documented point-and-clicks.

Personally, I still like good old fashioned WWS or WoW  Metre for giving an overview of how *all* the dps or healers did against each other and their classes. But World of Logs can be another tool in your arsenal of figuring out the good/bad/ugly of your most recent raiding attempts.

One thought on “World of Logs Explained”

  1. Just a note that WoL also has the generic overview of Damage Done that’s the front page of all WoM or WWS reports. It’s just in the Damage Done section of the report. There it clearly lists everyone’s individual DPS.

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