What to Wear: The Shadow Priest’s Guide to Cataclysm’s Crafted Gear

shadow priest fishing up volatiles to craft some new clothes

Note that I am not including rare quality tailoring gear here at this time since it is PvP oriented, or ilvl 333 and under. Also note that overall, until there’s data showing that mastery is worth it for shadow priests, I am leaning towards gear without it when there is a choice to be made.

ilvl 359 Tailoring Epics

ilvl 346 Blacksmithing Weapon

ilvl 346 Jewelcrafting Accessories

ilvl 346 Inscription Off Hands

2 thoughts on “What to Wear: The Shadow Priest’s Guide to Cataclysm’s Crafted Gear”

  1. Annexxia,
    Thanks for posting this. I’ll keep that in mind when my Goblin Priest hits 85. I’m really excited about the pvp tailoring gear since that’s something I really enjoy. My mage is my tailor/enchanter. My goblin has engineering/Inscription.
    I never played Shadow too much (never liked it before) but once my priest hit 30 picked it up and am enjoying it. It’s nice to take a break from healing and queue as DPS.

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