What to Wear: A Shadow Priest’s Guide to 25-man Ulduar

On the heels of my 10-man guide to shadow priest gear upgrades available in Ulduar, I bring you this heroic 25-man version. (it's going to be hard to retrain myself on that one.)

As previously noted, I'm not a math geek so I am not going to argue BiS (best in Slot) with the maths here. Rather, I am going to discuss your gearing up opportunities by boss, to help you prep your wish list. If you want to see BiS across all available 10-man and 25-man raids, including Ulduar hard mode boss drops, shadowpriest.com has an excellent list. With more math than you can shake a stick at.

Words of Caution: Much of the Ulduar loot lacks hit. So don't be quick to shard or sell your existing gear when you receive an upgrade. You may have to swap gear around for raids to ensure you stay hit capped.

Your boss-by-boss gear guide, after the jump.


Flame Leviathan
 a.k.a. the Roomba Boss.

  • Constructor's Handwraps. Not the best gloves in Ulduar, but a decent upgrade in most cases.
  • Embrace of the Leviathan. Your best belt upgrade drop (unless you have the Malygos 25 belt), until you get to Algalon.
  • Glowing Ring of Reclamation. Expect a fight for this one as all the other spirit using casters will want this too. Neck-and-Neck in quality with the Lost Jewel from Naxx 25.
  • Leviathan Fueling Manual. Good offhands are hard to come by and always hard-won. If you lost out on Naxx 25 offhands, this will be an upgrade in most cases.


  • Collar of the Wyrmhunter. Good upgrade unless you have the Malygos 25 helm. Sharing the same model as many other cloth helms in Ulduar, this is not going to cause most folks to click "show helm.". Unless you are impersonating a Christmas tree.
  • Living Flame. While a hit trinket may not seem sexy at first glance, this is definitely good to have on hand for swapping in and out of your set as your ability to meet your hit cap fluctuates as you gear up.
  • Shackles of the Odalisque. Your best bracer upgrade from Ulduar.

XT-002 Deconstructor

  • Mantle of Wavering Calm. Good shoulder upgrade though you will want to replace it with your tier 8 or 8.5 set piece.
  • Sandals of Rash Temperament. Good entry-level upgrade from your Naxx 25 or badge feet.
  • Quartz Crystal Wand. Unlikely to be an upgrade unless you have had incredibly bad luck (Heroic AN and Naxx 10 KT wand are both better for this slot.)

Ignis the Furnace Master

  • Pyrelight Circle. Your best ring drop from Ulduar unless you do hard modes. 
  • Soot Covered Mantle. Good entry level shoulder upgrade that thanks to the hit rating should be a little easier to come by.
  • Intensity. Pretty staff but unlikely to beat the offhand/main hand combination you already have.
  • Scepter of Creation. Second best wand from Ulduar 25.

Assembly of Iron

(Cache of Living Stone holds his loot)


(Cache of Innovation contains his loot)

(Cache of Storms holds his loot)

(Cache of Winter holds his loot)

(Freya's Gift holds her loot)

General Vezax


Algalon the Observer
(gift of the Observer holds his loot)

Trash Drops

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