Weekend Reading List

I actually did an OK job of keeping up with blogs on my blogroll this week, and wanted to share some of the favorite things I've recently read:

  • Practical Advice for Brand New Hunters. I want to point all the baby hunters out there to visit Pike's blog early and often, and to start with this post. tyvm.
  • How to be a Good Raiding Hunter. Lots of great practical advice from Marks-365.
  • The Warlock Way. Part pep talk for discouraged lowbie warlock, part PvP training schematic, Cynwise's latest post is a good primer on how to dominate your opponent as a warlock.
  • Ice Crown Social: Saurfang. An  I Like Bubbles post, complete with drawing, to show how to set up your group for Saurafang, and providing an easy to digest explanation of the strategy.
  • Raiding Shadow Priest Guide Part 2. Yes, I gave a shout out to Lucky Lurky's blog on Friday, but wanted to link to this specifically as it's a good overview of how to shadow priest post-3.3.
  • Prot paladin AOE Grinding Guide. Yet another great leveling guide from Psynister, complete with glyph recommendations and talent choices as you level up.
  • Gearing Your Sapling. Tree Burglar's guide for gear new level 80 restoration druids should stalk.
  • ICC Plagueworks: How Not to Die a Poisonous Death. This World of Matticus post is primarily a guide for healers in this wing of ICC, also has some good tips for all of us to remember when dealing with the deadly trash.
  • Improving the Quality of Conversation. This HoTs and DoTs post gives some good ideas for getting the conversation flowing when you're in a group of folks you don't know very well — be they your new guild or your latest PUG.
  • Leadership from Three Angles. Some thoughts from Kiss my Alas regarding leadership as seen from the top down, bottom up, and being inbetween.
  • MIA Pets: Where Are They? Warcraft Pets reminds us of recently datamined or otherwise discovered pets that haven't made their way into our hot little pet collectors hands.

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