Warlords of Draenor 6 Weeks In



It’s honestly a little strange to think that we’re already nearly two months in to Warlords of Draenor. Usually, I spend the first few months of the expansion with the blog in hyper drive, creating to do lists, compiling gear lists, etc. But not this time.

Instead, in part due to limited play time, combined with the significant time sink created by Garrison management on multiple characters characters (at 6 now), I’ve been MIA on the blog. But the start of a new year seemed like a good time to dust things off and say hello.


My first level 100 was, no surprise, my Forsaken shadow priest. I’ve gone the CoP talent build route, but kept insanity. The path to max level was pretty quick, as was the gearing up, despite the 3-piece crafted gear limit. That meant I got to do MC at the end of the first week of the expansion, and go with our first guild group into Highmaul. Unfortunately, that’s been my only raid.

I’m crossing fingers we see a regular raiding schedule go up soon, and that I’ll somehow manage to get home in time to participate regularly. If I’m not raiding regularly, I find my interest level in the game (along with my amount of blogging) drops off substantially. We shall see.

The guild I’d moved most of my Alliance toons to has been pretty quiet (and I somehow never got my account approved on their website after all this time!) So I’ve been pretty focused on my horde alts, though I did start leveling a boosted Alliance shadow priest to play with my Friend or Foe peeps. It has been interesting to see what the Alliance story arc entails. So far, the Horde story (and quest mechanics) are winning out over the Alliance, but I’m just about to head to Gorgrand, so perhaps my opinion will change?



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