Toys and Relics and Scribe-crafted Bling from Cataclysm Inscription Recipes

Now that the final countdown has started for Cataclysm, as the earthquakes become more frequent, and the elementals start popping up everywhere, my thoughts have turned to professions. I’d been wondering how Inscription would fare, given that they’ve changed our glyph usage so that it’s buy once and know it forever, which will long-term reduce that facet of the viability of inscription as a money-making profession.

Thanks to the good folks over at WoWHead, I’ve gotten my question answered: we’ll be making toys and the key component to one of the new buff foods. Some nice relics for ourselves, and shoulder enchants that are better than the rep enchants as well. But so far, no sure-fire best selling items, unless it turns out we are the primary source for level 85 offhands for the first few months of the expansion.


Mysterious Fortune Cards

Now, these items are interesting. When you make a Mysterious Fortune Card, you can not be sure of exactly what you will end up with. No, it's not another Darkmoon Card redux. That's further down this page. Instead, you end up with a Fortune Card. Most of the time, you get the white item that provides a fortune but also acts as the primary material for creating a Fortune Cookie, a buff food that provides you with 96k health and mana, and a 90 stamina/90 other useful stat buff for an hour. But there is also a chance to create an uncommon card that vendors for 20g, a rare card that vendors for 50g, or, drum roll please: one of two epic quality cards that vendor for 1,000 G or  5,000 G. Now that's what I call fortunate!

BoE Gear

Scribe-Specific Enchants



6 thoughts on “Toys and Relics and Scribe-crafted Bling from Cataclysm Inscription Recipes”

  1. The Origami thing is a little weird. I thought the point was to write on paper, not fold it.
    The fortune cookie, while a bit odd, sounds all kinds of fun to make and this is the first I’ve heard of it as well.
    It’ll be interesting to see just how good those Adventurer’s Journals turn out to be. Will they reward a single quest worth of exp? A few mob deaths worth? We’ll have to wait and see I suppose.

  2. Hehe origami is definitely all about the paper folding. I live in a part of town that even has stores with special sections of tiny colorful papers just for making origami. It will be interesting to see what they look like in practice (it’s totally on my scribe’s bucket list to farm for the technique.)
    I am excited about the fortune cookies. Thought it was interesting that one commenter compared it to gambling (as tho nothing that came prior in the game was akin to it.)
    I am a skeptic so I am thinking the adventurers journals will be like the lowbie ones we made back in the day, rewarding about a quest’s worth. But there are times when ever little extra boost counts. When you just can’t stand the idea of flying around doing another quest. That will be when one of those books will come in handy.

  3. So wait a tick. If the relics are BoP, that means only DKs, Shammies, Pallies, and Druid Scribes can benefit. Great if you are one of those classes, (my Scribe happens to be a DK, so yay me I guess) kind of a let down if you aren’t.

  4. Yeah…at first glance I thought they were trinkets and got excited. Then realized they were relics, which my shadow priest scribes can’t use. Perhaps, since they went down this path, they will eventually let scribes craft a wand? I doubt it tho.

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