Time Off for Bad Behavior

I-stalks5Tonight I witnessed absolutely the silliest /gquit I’ve seen in my 3 1/2 years of playing.

A healer in our 10 man Naxx run logged off in the middle of the raid. After a minute, she logged back on and /gquit. What was her reason? Because the run had wiped on the eyestalks.

Um, what?

No, the run did not wipe repeatedly on the eyestalks. They somehow wiped once.And this person…/gquit over it.

I have three small words for this person should I ever see her again: Grow. Up. Already.

Shit happens.

I can only imagine how such a person behaves IRL when someone in her life doesn’t perform perfectly.

Ours is a fun and friendly guild. In the end, all you can truly say is good riddance, and goodnight.

(super cute GIF courtesy of [info]oftwominds)

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