Three Things I Learned in WoW This Weekend

Here, foxy foxy! Little shadow priest wants to play with youuuuu...

  1. Rogues can use spirit/int leather gear.
  2. It is perfectly acceptable for your mom to do your dailies and character leveling because you are so busy with work and things.
  3. The vanity pet RNG hates me.

On newbie rogues

True story…I walked myself into Stratholme this weekend, on my shaman’s road from 45 to 50. It felt weird to be in there as such as a lowbie. But it felt even more weird to find myself arguing with a rogue about how it was inappropriate that he need rolled on a spellcaster chest. I especially enjoyed it when he told me I was dumb and should shut up. That’s the point at which the entire rest of the party lit into him.

Thankfully, I was eventually able to kick him from the group. Nd for the first time ever I used the following as my reason for kick: Bad.

Here’s the deal: I do not care what leather jerkin you had on previously. A spellcaster piece of leather is NOT an upgrade for you, mister rogue. No matter how much higher an ilvl. It’s just NOT. I hold you even more accountable for this nonsense than all those mages and warlocks who keep rolling against my clothies on spirit gear (b/c at least that stat USED to be helpful for them last expansion.)

On slacker kids who live at home with mom

Kid: “OK, guys I’m out, going to work. So it won’t be me on playing.”

Me: “So, you are account sharing?”

Kid: “Nah.”

Other kid: “His mom levels for him.”

Kid: “Yeah, my mom does my dailies and my leveling for me. I am real busy with work and stuff.”

Me: /facepalm

No offense buddy, but just wait until you move out into your own place and work a 40+ hour a week job. Get back to me THEN about being *so busy*. But then again you’ll probably just take all your laundry home for mom to wash…


On my inability to hit the 125 pet mark

I chased after Baradin foxes. I conquered Ahune daily. I killed creatures in EPL for hours. And yet my two pet collectors are still short of their 125 pet goals. Candy needs 1 more pet, while Nexxi is still 5 or 6 away from the goal.


At this point I am haunting my AHs trying to find affordable pets I do not have yet. Ended up buying the druid 4 pets yesterday otherwise she would still have not made any progress.


6 thoughts on “Three Things I Learned in WoW This Weekend”

  1. Don’t you know, intell and spirit increases the chances of you being able to attack from behind. Intellect, increases your intelligence after all…
    In patch 4.2, I’m happy that BOE items will now become soulbound to those who roll ‘Need’ on them. 🙂
    Re: kid
    Who knows his mom might actually like doing them. 🙂 My eight-year old daughter plays Poptopica; a cutesy online game filled with cuddly animals. I have a toon on there also, and log on to play with her. Anyway, there have been times (when she’s been sleeping) that I’ve logged on and played her toon so she could get more points. She uses the points to purchase items for her little bear.
    She didn’t ask me to do it, but I did it since I knew it would help her out. Who knows, his Mom might be doing the same thing? 🙂
    She has a toon on WoW too. made it a few weeks ago. She just likes to explore, naturally I’m right there with her while she’s playing. She’s in the guild, where I’m an officer. It’s small, feels like an in-game family and there are a few other youngsters in there too. Hmm, I’m rambling…

  2. Of course I’m joking about the ‘intell’ comment. It did made me think of a priest needing on strength gear. (This happened a few years ago.) Naturally he received the the WTF heals from people within my PUG. I calmly told everyone that he needed the gear since it made his heals stronger. /sarcasm Anyway those within my group, laughed, he got mad. He was booted from the group.
    Seriously, I do think people will see more of this type of behavior. Especially since you can no longer call people out on the official forums. From what I’ve been reading, and observing, posts like that get deleted. It wasn’t always that way.

  3. It’s a learning experience for everyone. We seem to share many similar experiences.
    It’s not so much when a player makes a mistake, because heaven knows I’ve made plenty. It’s the defense mechanisms that get set off that explode the fun. The typed comments are so limiting, so confining. We can’t see body language or hear tone always.
    Sorry about the RNGs. They are tricky bastards.

  4. I think the big difference here is yours is a little one. This kiddo is old enough to go to work. I think the assertion that having a job meant he was far too busy to do normal character maintenance is what galled me. Everyone has RL responsibilities and somehow finds a way to get by…

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