There Go My Blizzcon Dreams…

This year, Blizzcon falls during my sabbatical. Which meant attending Blizzcon was finally possible (we are usually really busy at work during Blizzcon) and would have been a great excuse to visit friends in Southern California to boot.

But it was not meant to be.

Wednesday night, I was 4250 or so in queue, and got the sold out page when I hit the 500 mark in line. Today? 8500 or so in queue.


I was looking forward to having a chance to meet up with some of my favorite WoW tweeps and bloggers. And to participate in a celebration of the game that I love and have been playing for 4 1/2 years now (!) Oh well. At least we gave it a good try.

Tempting to head down there that weekend anyhow, since it would be a great chance to meet folks, but not sure it would be super fun to hear about what a great time everyone else had at the Con when I couldn’t actually attend, ya know? Might try to see if folks are coming out a few days before and plan a meetup then. Or something.

Also, I hope those eBay scalpers enjoy being reported by my more vigilante tweeps!

Now, back to leveling the DK’s mining! She’s almost to 300 now (in a late burst of speed the iMac made it back to me last night). I refuse to take her to Outland until she can mine the Fel Iron. RAWR!

6 thoughts on “There Go My Blizzcon Dreams…”

  1. Heading down just for the meetups has been my plan from the start! Waiting in lines, sitting in stuffy rooms all day? No thanks! I just want to hang out on the beach and go to the parties!

  2. hehe I agree that the people are the main reason to go. But I would like to be able to ask some impertinent questions during some of the panels! Perhaps we’ll be able to get a twitterfeed of questions to ask going…

  3. Thanks! So far, no tickets. I’m resigned to not going. But may still head to SoCal that week, and see who we find at Disneyland before the con.

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