The King is Dead! Long Live the Lich King!

Last night, after 11 raiding nights, spread out over 5-6 weeks, at a cost of about $1,000 gold to those of us who came most nights (we had a few weeks with repairs turned on which was a blessing, but this is still our RL's ballpark cost), we defeated the Lich King.With 10/10 standing for the ending which feels pretty damn impressive to me for a first kill.

This also meant I FINALLY got to experience the cut scene and the ending of the fight myself. The cinematic was a perfect end cap to the Wrathgate cinematic, and an effective closure to this expansion.

Good job Blizzard. And thank you for keeping one of my favorite characters true to himself to the very end. Sniffle. That's all I am saying about the ending and the cinematic, to avoid spoiling it for anyone. And yes, at the end of the fight, I thanked my guildies for allowing me to make it through that fight to see the conclusion myself first-hand, without having it spoiled.

The spoilers from twitterland prepared me somewhat for the ending but did not totally ruin the impact for me. So that's a good thing. And thank you for Naie after that incident for encouraging me to keep hope alive I could attain my personal goal, retaining the rallying cry I yelled every night 1 of every ICC raid we've done as a team.

It's been a long road to the Lich King. My RL just reminded me it has been 3 tanks, 5 healers, and 10 dps that participated in the learning curve from start to finish too. A huge effort. But we're done. It feels pretty amazing to actually kill the final boss of an expansion before the next expansion (or all its uber talent changes hits — hello patch 3.0 I am looking at you.)

I took a ton of screenshots, none of which I am posting here as most are incredibly spoilerific, like this one. And I sat down on the stairs of the frozen throne for a very long time, and got screenshots there with some of my favorite raiders.

How We Stack Up

Just for fun, here are some statistics regarding our server's raiding progress, courtesy of Guild Progress:

Ranked Guilds: 310
209 Alliance 101  Horde
Icecrown Citadel 10 Boss Kills
    • Lich King 5.81%
    • Sindragosa 10.65%
    • Rescue Valithiria 18.39%
    • Blood-Queen Lana'thel 15.81%
    • Blood Prince Council 18.39%
    • Professor Putricide 19.35%
    • Festergut 39.03%
    • Rotface 33.87%
    • The Deathbringer 44.84%
    • Gunship Battle 48.71%
    • Lady Deathwhisper 49.68%
    • Lord Marrowgar 50.97%
  • 7 thoughts on “The King is Dead! Long Live the Lich King!”

    1. Could you send me some of those screenshots on the forums? You always take the best shots. ^_^
      I’m very happy I was able to encourage you, ICC wouldn’t have felt right without your battlecry.

    2. *cheers*
      Thank you again, hon. And screenshot URLs have been sent. I would have taken more but I was sorta dazed from finally doing it.

    3. Yeah, you were sitting by the throne for a long time after we were done with all the killshots and everything. It’s odd now, how complete everything feels. Like you, this is my first time killing the “final” boss of an expansion at level. Oh, and watching the video after the fight was WAY better than watching it before, it had a lot more meaning to me after we had killed Arthas (as opposed to just clicking a fountain.)

    4. Congratulations! đŸ˜€
      Can’t wait to see it for myself – pushed him into phase three a few times but due to lag, disconnects or not enough signups it just has happened yet, grr.

    5. It felt like it took us forever, since we usually had a new person each night we went in, and broke it up with some weeks without LK attempts. But once you are consistently getting to P3 each time, you are so very close.
      Hope you down him soon!

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