The Joys of the Newbs!


Lookie! I’m a quest giver, on my new Belf paladin. I’ve never gotten a Paladin past level 21 before until now. And I hadn’t leveled a Forsaken or Blood Elf post Cataclysm, so I hadn’t done all the quests out that way either. Tho this one I’d done on my Forsaken shadow priest. Johnny Awesome never fails to crack me up!

Oddly enough, this is not the only baby alt I’m working on at the moment. I’ve rolled a Panda hunter on a new to me server, to check out a possible place to play some of my neglected Alliance characters. Although my heart belongs primarily with my Forsaken ladies, I do enjoy some gnome shenanigans from time-to-time. Which means I need to find a new place for that, given how many of my D’tan peeps have faded away over the past two years.

I’ve levelled so many baby alts over the years, and have 6 or 7 90s spread across 5 servers. I love that now, in addition to questing and LFG, I can pet battle my heart out to get that much needed XP, if I’m not feeling a particular questing zone. Mostly, that restlessness with questing sets in when I get to the Cataclysm content. I’ve pushed about a dozen characters through it in total, and really and truly over it. (see all those level 85s gathering dust after that push).

Honestly tho, I love all the newbie little quests. And revisiting my favorite quest areas. So much has changed post Cataclysm, but some of my favorite places and NPCs are still there to make me smile.


In other amazing alt news, I finally leveled up my Forsaken mage to 90! That’s right, my wee lass who sat out the Cataclysm zoomed up from 80 to 90, primarily through doing my pet battling bidding in the greater Mount Hyjal area. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly she was able to gear up and be ready for SoO LFR, thanks to the island loot pinata. Good stuff.

What’s keeping you busy in game?

2 thoughts on “The Joys of the Newbs!”

  1. Leveling though pet battles? Hmm, now you have me curious. I would love to level her just so I can pick up the enchanting/tailoring recipes. Well after I get the appropriate rep. I might start leveling that way this weekend. Thanks for the top. My human mage has been sitting at 85 for the longest time.
    My daughter has finally leveled a toon to 30! It’s been nice living the life as a new player through her eyes. We don’t always group up, but it’s nice when we do. She’s in my small friendly Alliance guild. A few days ago, four of us did Stockades. I do believe she’s ready for PUGs with me if she’s up for it. We might toss in another guild member until she’s comfortable. She’s mainly on her hunter, but she has at least three other toons too. 🙂

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