Less Than 24 Hours ’til Wrath…

Unlike many other folks, I am not heading out to stand in line to obtain my copy of Wrath at Midnight tonight. We probably have 5 midnight signings in a 30-mile radius, btw. I am just not a standing-in-line-for-4-hours kind of a person. We did actually get in the car and head out for the Midnight release of Burning Crusade. But by 11:00 p.m., when we arrived, there were already 300-400 people in line. We went home and picked up our copy of the expansion early the next morning.

Thanks to last night’s unexpected downtime, and today’s maintenance that was supposed to be completed no later than 50 minutes ago, I have not done the few last minute things I wanted to do for my characters to get them ready for Northrend on Thursday. However, unlike Thrall, I’ve got a map for my invasion that includes Northrend:

  1. Move all of my 70s to their chosen starting area before logging out tonight. Alliance side this means half at Menethil Harbor amd half at Stormwind Harbor. Horde-side, Undercity. I like to hedge my bets.
  2. Take Too Many Annas’ suggestion and turn off YELL in my chat panel to help save my sanity. To turn off /yell  right clicking on the general tab of your chat window, go to settings, and uncheck the box next to Yell.  This will filter out annying players yelling YOUR MOM…but you’ll still hear NPC yells.
  3. Grab good quality water x80 for all 70s (-the mage) from IF/SW/UC.
  4. Double-check they have a 20-stack of their two favorite elixirs. If not, make them on the alchemist.
  5. Get the screenshot folder organized — there’s gonna be a lot of neat stuff to see and many pix to snap.

Once I get to Northrend I have 2 top priorities:

  1. Train up all professions on all 5 toons. This includes cooking and fishing.
  2. The mage will be recalling to Shatt as soon as she trains her alchemy so she can grab a last few skill points from old world herbs while making my toons their flask of choice.