Friday Five: Five WoW Improvements for Which I am Grateful

I've been playing WoW for a while now ( I think it's my 4-year anniversary this January), so I remember the opening of the AQ gates, mounts that cost 600 gold with two discounts, and walking uphill in the snow all the way to 40. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, and with an eye on the WoW 5-year anniversary celebrations, I bring you today's Friday Five:

  1. Easier transportation for the lowbies. I am so over leveling alts at this point, having done so many many times at this point. But slow mounts at 20, fast mounts at 40, and flight form for use 60-70? All of these bumps make it a heck of a lot more palatable.
  2. Raid content I get to see most of. Yeah, my guild didn't perservere with the 10-man hard modes, and thus never saw Algalon. But I have cleared everything else. That's a major improvement over not seeing the end of BT last expansion, or the Sunwell at all.
  3. Raid bosses that don't take weeks to learn. I'm looking at YOU Lady Vashj and Kael. That said, I didn't mind learning Nefarian and Chromag in BWL– they took a few hours but we got them and it felt good.
  4. 30 min hearthstones. My priest and druid rejoiced when thee went into use.
  5. Cheap mounts. My first mount was my epic tiger at 60 (I got by with cat form until then.) I scrimped and saved up the 600g and had my SO, a Knight with Darnassus rep, buy it for me, so I could have the 10% Officer discount stacked with the city reputation discount. Now, I can buy even my lowbies mounts in every color.