Loot Systems Pros and Cons

Let's face it – even if your primary motivator in raiding
is hanging out with your friends and making progress through instances, it
feels good to get that upgrade you've been needing. And on the flipside, seeing
that upgrade you've needed for moths pass you by for the eighth time can be
frustrating. If you are finding that you and your core raiders are having more
of the latter feelings than the former, it may be time to re-evaluate what loot
system would be the best fit for your raid team.   In roughly the order of complexity and officer
intervention, the most prevalent options are: 

  •     /roll
  •     Suicide Kings (SK)
  •     DKP
  •     Loot Council

I have not included the pure wish list option despite it
having been one of the most successful loot distribution systems I've
participated in. My 40-man guild used it for BWL and AQ. We consistently had
the same 40 people week-in and week-out. And after some officer abuse, locked
down the ability to change one's wish list. The maintenance of the wish list
Excel spreadsheet was onerous and time consuming. And bringing in new people as
a guild is midway through progression in an instance could results in a lack of
parity in loot distribution.

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