Friday Five: The First Five Things I Did After Patch 3.2 Dropped

  1. Braved the Dalaran lag and followed the Children's Week quest chain given out by Orphan Maton Aria and got myself a baby Wolvar for each of my three 80s.
  2. Trained the new shaman toolbars on my two shamans.
  3. Bought mounts for my lowbies (regular speed kodo for the level 20, and epic pony for the level 54)
  4. Changed in an out of my new druid forms a few times.
  5. Exchange a lot of mail between my Jewelcrafter/Miner and my Alchemist, in support of getting the Alchy ready for the 5 transmutes she must do to learn her cardinal ruby transmute and to provide my JC with her first epic gem to cut.

What did you do first?