Day of the Dead Festivities

shadow priest in Day of the Dead ensemble

I got up bright and early this morning, thanks to our falling back to standard time here in the U.S., and set about completing Day of the Dead festivities on my favorite characters across three servers.  Day of the Dead is a celebration of one’s deceased ancestors. For this reason, it’s imperative you head to the graveyard outside your race’s home city, or to Shatt. Otherwise, though you can obtain the achievement, you won’t be able to complete the quest for honoring your ancestors’ spirits. Apparently you can also complete these activities at Dalaran’s graveyard, but for the life of me, I have no idea where it is.

It was fun getting a festive 12-hour costume, and the adorable (yet, alas, not permanent) teeny macabre marionette pet, and dancing with the graveyard spirits. I am more than a little disappointed that the marionette is only available to you during Day of the Dead– he was set to become my undead shadow priest’s favorite pet ever. *sniffle*

A nice bonus was the 26g and change my 80s made from making the day of the Dead bread and fulfilling that quest (which is how you get the marionette.) The XP awarded to lowbies is pretty nice too — 3k to my level 31, 9k to my level 58, and 20k to my level 72 who completed it. Smart of Blizz to include this little push to get even the most bah humbug players amongst us into the holiday spirit.

For a look at all the things you can buy and links to the quests, check out the Moonglade blog’s Day of the Dead guide. More pictures of various races’ dancing spirits after the cut. And don’t tell anyone, but my favorite so far was the synchronized male NE dancers in Darn. It was epic.

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