Rolling With the Punches vs. Taking Your Toys and Going Home

Yesterday morning, I was chatting with a friend who is still in the same raiding guild I started my raiding career with over three years ago. When I asked her how their progress was going, and how she liked the new raid, I was surprised to hear things were up in the air: their two primary raid leaders had pretty much stopped playing.

Me: "Why has [MT] stopped playing? Was he mad that pally tanks kick warrior tanks butts now?"

Her: "Well…he was getting mad that [PallyTank] pulled off him and tanuted his mobs a few too many times and refuses to raid with him. And since [PallyTank] has pretty much been our MT…he's almost never on."

Me: "Right. So this is just like right before BC came out when he said his shaman will be his new main until Blizzard 'fixes it so warriors are the best tanks again.'"

Her: "I forgot about that…"

Me: "Yeah well since his crazy is why I left the guild…it's been funny to see this specific issue crop up repeatedly. The funny part is, if he looked past his wounded ego and read MMO champion on any blue trackers, he'd see that [PallyTank] isn't intentionally doing any of that, as I am sure he has told [MT]. It's a known issue Blizzard actually *is* going to fix."

The moral to this story? World of Warcraft is a game. It's supposed to be fun. So when you find yourself on the verge of flipping out over something you think someone else is doing to you intentionally, calm down and zip your mouth. Log off for a while if you need to. You are not always right. Also, just as in real life, change is a constant. Today's hot DPS class is tomorrow's wallflowers. Yesterday's tank glut is tomorrow's tank famine. But the bridges you burn today, freaking out without knowing all the facts, often stay burnt.