Anexxia’s WoW Burning Crusade Classic (Classic TBC) Crafting Master Recipes List


When it comes to crafting in the early years of WoW, I was pretty serious about it. I made lists of my enchanting recipes, checklists of my Glyphs, and wish lists for rare patterns. As a completionist, I kept up my pursuit of those recipes until I got them, or the expansion came and went (oh hai there +4 Stats to Chest enchant that I STILL don’t have!)

That carried over to WoW Classic, where I made my initial guild a rare recipes and reputations tracker. With the official leak announcement of WoW Classic: TBC on Friday, I set to work to create a spreadsheet we could use to track Triumvirate‘s master crafters and the recipes we can make for the guild.

I’ll be using it as the basis of future content here, and wanted to share my work with the greater WoW Classic community as well.

My ask is that you share the link to this post to ensure folks are directed to the most current version of the spreadsheet, as it is likely to change over time, as the extent of “some changes” becomes known.

Happy TBC planning and theorycrafting!