What to Wear: A Shadow Priest’s Guide to 10-man Icecrown Citadel Gear

As a follow-up to the 25-man list on Tuesday, I bring you the 10-man flavor.

Your boss-by-boss gear guide, after the jump.

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What to Wear: A Shadow Priest’s Guide to 25-man Icecrown Citadel Gear

As previously noted, I'm not a math geek so I am not going to argue BiS (best in Slot) with the maths here. Rather, I am going to discuss your gearing up opportunities by boss, to help you prep your wish list. If you want to see BiS across all available 10-man and 25-man raids, including ICC hard mode boss drops, shadowpriest.com has an excellent list. With more math than you can shake a stick at.

Words of Caution: As with ToC, you will want to be picking up some haste gear from ICC which means doing the hit-swapping dance, so don't be quick to shard or sell your existing gear when you receive an upgrade. You will likely have to swap gear around for raids to ensure you stay hit capped.

Your boss-by-boss gear guide, after the jump.

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Friday Five: 5 Things in Patch 3.3 that Made me Happy

  1. Core Hound Puppy! I can not gush enough about how adorable — and active — this vanity pet is.
  2. The return of story-based instance content. The three five mans’ serial content seamlessly leads you directly into the raid content. And when you first step foot inside the raid instance, as I did last night, you are given a story, including a reason to fight onward. A goal to reach. A reason to fight with all your heart. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that way on night one.
  3. The Dungeon Finder. Yeah, last night we got a guy who needed on the frozen orb we all greeded, and need rolled the tanking sword his tank offspec wouldn’t be able to put to use. But all my other experiences thus far have been great. No more waiting around for 45 minutes looking for more peeps. Whoohoo!
  4. Vote to Kick. In the old days, you had to send whispers all around and then the party leader had to manually kick out the annoying group member. But now, we can vote to kick. I initiated this last night after one of our PUG DPS, a DK, kept running in front of the tank, aggroing mobs he didn’t see, and in one case, death-grip pulling a mob that was not the one the tank was pulling. After letting him die for that last transgression, we voted to kick him out. And had a replacement in 1 minute thanks to the Dungeon Finder tool.
  5. More mana for my lowbie casters all the time! My baby alts, all casters across the lot of them, are now less of a drinking time-sink. Thank you thank you Blizzard.

Bonus: Haste + Shadow Priest DoTs = win. And Mind Sear in ICC25 on those 10 pack pulls? mwahahahahaha. Oh yeah, that was fun.

Keeping it to Yourself: Request for a Spoiler-Free Patch

As progress has been made on Patch 3.3, and files have been datamined and PTR time has been sent, a lot of Lore-related content has been posted on the Interwebs. And I made the decision not to read any of it. I want my first forays into Icecrown Citadel to be ones of discovery. In fact, that's a big reason why I didn't try  out the PTR.

My SO was lucky enough to have been part of WotLK BETA for a few months. I was able to poke around and learn everything I wanted to know about the profession and talent changes. And yes, I worked out my 3.0 build, my leveling build, and my lvl 80 build for my main well before the expansion hit the shelves. But even then I drew the line at spoiling the content for myself.

My first time through the Wrathgate cinematic, for instance, was amazing and moving. And it wouldn't have been as much so if I had seen it for the first time on Youtube. It involved my favorite Alliance hero, Bolvar Fordragon, who plays a large part in the new raid instance to come. And that is already more than I wanted to know in advance, but it was pretty much unavoidable.

Not all of us will hop into the 5-mans tonight when the servers come up. And my raid team is not scheduled to start content until Thursday. And thus, I make a small plea: when talking about content and Lore spoilers that this patch introduces, for at least this first week or so, please mark your post clearly with SPOILER. Hide spoiler content behind a cut or a jump.

Just like you don't want to find out what you're getting for Christmas by seeing a receipt in the trash can, I don't want to glean everything that is in store for me in 3.3 second or third-hand.

May your adventures in Icecrown be fruitful.



Friday Five: The First Five Things I’m Doing After Patch 3.3 Drops

  1. Hop on my shadow priest and head out in search of an elite to kill to test out how my ton of haste will impact VT and DP adn thus affect my usual rotation.
  2. Sign up to PUG a random dungeon with the new Dungeon Finder tool and get started on the path to my very own perky pug pup. Even though he drags his butt, he's a cutie.
  3. Buy my two lazy 80s Sons of Hodir exalted shoulder enchants.
  4. Tweet to my favorite tank that now would be a good time to fake an illness and come home so we can go do the new 3-winged 5-man dungeon in Icecrown Citadel.
  5. Go look at my shiny new troll totems.