Friday Five: Five To Dos for my Baby Druid this Weekend

  1.  Get to level 40! A faster mount will make the leveling so much faster!
  2. Stop obsessing about those last 3 leatherworking skill points. You can’t train up Leatherworking again until you hit level 50 and get to Shatt anyhow.
  3. Get a port to Dalaran to set your hearthstone in a more convenient place.
  4. Obtain the Scarlet MonasteryZF quests and see about getting a group for it (or bribe someone for a runthrough)
  5. Stop and take some screenies while terrorizing STV with that crazy shaman!

Baby druid is 36 now, and still being leveled as Boomkin. Because I am a masochist. Wait, no, that’s not it. I am just a ranged spellcaster at heart. Having a shaman leveling buddy helps though, since mana spring totem is nearby at all times, so I don’t have to drink quite every pull.

I need to dig around and find a more updated leatherworking leveling guide since WoWiki’s guide includes making the riding crop which 1) won’t sell and 2) with Primal Mights at 150g each, doesn’t really seem all that economical to me. Yes my mage could transmute them, but those old world mats aren’t cheap ether. And since you can’t use the crop past level 70, they feel like a big money sink without much return on investment. Meh.

Happy Friday!