Friday Five: Five Easy Tailoring Halloween Costumes

Some of us procrastinate when it comes to Halloween costumes. Luckily, there are a variety of last minute costumes available from your friendly neighborhood tailor..

  1. Simple peasant girl. Enchanter’s Cowl + White Woolen Dress. Accessorize with simple wildflowers.
  2. Farmer. Blue Overalls + Red Lumberjack shirt (shown above on Lina). Add a pitchfork to accessorize.
  3. El matador. Haliscan Jacket + Haliscan Pantaloons + Dress Shoes. Go kill Don Carlos in the heroic CoT Hillsbrad for his hat.
  4. Party girl. Black Mageweave Vest + Black Mageweave Leggings + Black Mageweave Boots. Accessorize with some hard liquor.
  5. Bride. White Wedding Dress was made for this occasion, especially if you are undead. Accessorize with a bouquet of black roses for a suitably spooky ensemble.

BONUS Costume: Soothsayer. Don the pretty robe of your choice + Wizard Weave Turban.

You may be surprised I didn’t put any of my pirate goodies on this list. But that’s because WoWiki has an exhaustive list of pirate goodies. And yes, I can make the Admiral’s Hat if you need one.

Happy Halloween!