Getting Together a Guild Wars 2 Blog Roll

Hot on the heels of my Guild Wars 2 twitter list, I've started getting my Guild Wars 2 blogroll together as well.Here's what I have so far…

Official Sites

Individual Bloggers


  • Crossing Tyria
    Substantial forums and a front page keeping you up-to-date on Guild Wars 2 fansites' news
  • Dragon Season
    This fansite has an international audience, featuring content in Greek as well as English
  • GuildMag
    This fansite supports a podcast and a magazine, and is hosting a blog carnival on the topic of 5 years of waiting for GW2
  • Guild Wars 2 Guru
    Solid GW2 fansite from
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub
    A nice community section, and a number of guides worth checking out
  • Guild Wars 2 Journal.
    Forums, general and class-specific guides and a healthy news page are primary draws
  • Guild Wars 2 Junkies
    Fansite with news and video from the folks that also bring you Forcejunkies and Riftjunkies
  • Guild Wars 2 Life
    Part of the mmorpglife site, with a number of guides including locations for obtaining crafting materials
  • Guildwars2 Live
    Livestreaming is a focus here, with a busy public calendar of upcoming streaming events
  • Guild Wars 2 Skills Build Editor
    ALthough the bulk of this site is in Russian, the build editor tool is in English and is well wroth checking out.
  • Guild Wars 2 Wikia site
  • Guildwars Insider
    Not only do they support forums, a podcast and a good selection of posts on lore, they also have a station
  • GW2DB
    Guild Wars 2 database site created by with entries for recipes, items, achievements, maps, guild upgrades, and talent calculators
    In addition to news and forums, there is a significant video library fueld by community members' contributions
  • IGN's Guild Wars 2 Wiki
    A nice user-friendly and easy-to-browse framework for a community-sourced wiki, but still has a number of pages needing to be fleshed out.
  • Talk Tyria
    This community-focused fansite has a diverse group of contributors, covering everything from lore to professions
  • Team Legacy
    Focusing on PvP, strong content (and feeds) for video guides and PvP action
  • The Tyrian Order
    In addition to forums and live streaming, a professions codex and a visual encyclopedia in their "database hub" make this site worth a visit

Let me know other individual bloggers and fansites I should add!