10 Ways to Lose Friends and Annoy Guildies via Your Guild Forums

  1. Make frequent posts along the lines of: “You have to see this movie” and “click this link”. At least 50% of the time it should lead to something NSFW.
  2. Never read anyone else’s posts. Especially not before posting a link to several days old news and asking everyone what they think.
  3. Every time you can’t connect to WoW, make a post. Be sure to also delete your WTF and WDB folders too while you’re at it.
  4. When in doubt, disagree. Especially if you don’t have any first-hand knowledge on the topic at hand. It’s so much fun playing Devil’s advocate.
  5. Repost strategy from Tank Spot, and class discussions/theorycrafting from Elitist Jerks without attribution. Nobody knows about those sites so it will totally make you seem so much more knowledgeable about the game.
  6. Ding 80 and immediately post a list of the gear you want and a sign up list for all the runs you need folks to tank/heal for you to obtain them. Bonus points if you schedule all the runs over the next 48 hours.
  7. Complain about your guild not being inclusive enough on their progression runs into a new instance. After the guild starts swapping everyone in/out to be more inclusive, complain about your guild’s lack of progression. Rinse and repeat.
  8. Whenever another guildie posts a squee about attaining an in-game goal, comment about how lame that achievement is; alternatively, post about how you did it 3 years ago and it was so hard doing so barefoot, uphill and in the snow.
  9. Post revealing pictures of yourself in the “tell us about yourself” thread. Bonus points for linking to a live webcam.
  10. When you get in a disagreement with someone, screenshot the conversation, artfully cutting out the places where you acted like a douchebag, and post it to the forums, and proceed to engage in name calling. Officers especially love this. Be sure to use extra exclamation points!!!

BONUS TIP: If you lose a roll in a raid, be sure to post a post-mortum on why you really deserved said item and how it was unfair the other person got the item, and vaguely allude to /gquitting or not playing any more.


Yes, most of us have committed at least one of the above guild forum faux pas at one point or another. And usually guildies will forgive you. But if you are stepping in it by doing 1 or more of the above on a recurring basis, you may be that guy/girl that makes their guildies groan whenever they see your name in the posted by column. But you can reform yourself by taking 3 small steps:

  • Read your guild forums at least once per week. And skim through the posts prior to posting anything that involves the next Patch, Blizzard announcements, or data mined content.
  • Before you hit the submit button, read your comment out loud. Does it make logical sense? Are words spelled correctly?
  • Be honest: if someone wrote your comment in reply to something you posted, would you tell them to go frakk themselves? If so, save it for twitter or your blog or a snarky comment to a friend.

Happy Friday!