Profession Grind: Books of Glyph Mastery

Two weeks ago, I decided my level 70 Alliance scribe really should learn all the Book of Glyph Mastery glyphs. Unfortunately, I was already broke Alliance-side from my druid’s quest for the fawn pet. And I don’t play my alliance characters at all. So it's not like I needed to do this — I am just completionist about my professions.

But I came up with a sensible solution: I had her sell glyphs every day until she could afford to buy her books. And last night she learned her final glyph. I spent on average 30 minutes per day making glyphs and listing/relisting them. Invaluable in this effort was trading in ink of the seas for all the other inks, and using LilSparky's Workshop and Auctionator to help me see at-a-glance which glyphs were profitable  so I did not waste time making glyphs that sold for less than their materials cost. I spent in the 70-90g range per glyph book, and ended with a 3k G profit, after accounting for cost of supplies and purchasing the books. Not too shabby.

And on a related note, it really does seem rogues are not raiding any longer—their glyphs almost never seemed to sell.

No profession grind like this is complete until you make yourself a chart, so here’s mine after the jump.

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