My WoW Classic Druid Hybrid Healing Build

Druid Talents

I’ve got a secret to let you in on: Just because you *can* go all the way through to the bottom of Classic talent trees for any given spec doesn’t mean you *should*!

Over the years, talents and builds have become increasingly simplified. But during Vanilla, players regularly customized their builds based on how they planned to spend their time, with a goal of not having to pay their hard-earned gold to respec constantly.

That’s why even though I raid healed, my druid never put more than 31 points in her restoration build.  Never. Ever. Yet I was pretty much always at the top of the druid healing charts, and never ran out of mana. And I was a menace in PvP too. And that was all thanks to the way I spent my talent points.

Find and Enhance Your Classic Play Style

While there are some healers who loved the challenge of keeping their tanks alive, I wanted to keep *everyone* alive. That meant I needed a quickly replenished mana pool, and to downrank and heavily rely upon my HoTs. And that’s where the Balance talent tree came in.

In addition to buffing druid pew pew pew lazers, the Balance talent tree also provides crits for your healing spells and buffs your mana regen. Because all that moonfire spam comes at a high mana price.

My preferred talent build for early on in Vanilla was a variation on the “Moonglow” build. As my gear improves, I’ll shift things around and put more points into buffing my regrowth in the restoration tree. But at absolutely no time will you ever see me filling out one of the talent trees all the way down.

While it may take you some time to get into the groove with your Classic build, I encourage you to spend some time theorycrafting and trying out different talent builds until you find one that helps you get into the zone with how *you* want to play your class.


An Army of Druids

When I first started playing my druid, back in vanilla, I lucked into a guild full of druids. We had up to 8 in our MC raids, and even after we left the guild over time, we all stayed together, in a private chat channel, cheering each other on. Slowly but surely tho, after the past 4 years, folks stopped playing, and my army of druids was down to just me and my friend El. And eventually, I stopped playing her a year and a half ago.

But then, in a burst of energy around staving off the pre-expansion blues via seeing the Icecrown content from the Alliance POV, and getting my gnome to 80 so she can assist in the liberation of her home city, I picked the druid back up. And I found her a new home, with some of my favorite WoW tweeps/bloggers. My first night of raiding, what did I find? An army of druids! And this is how I knew she had come home again.

Thank you Blog Azeroth for this shared topic, suggested by Nenunial at The Rambling Draenei Death Knight. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

P.S. Please be sure to take part in this next week’s topic — suggested by me: What Should Give Guild Rep?

Friday Five: 5 Boomkin Good Things

  1. If you stack 2 boomkin together for Saurfang, you can do synchronized dancing and jumping that just may leave folks wondering if they’re seeing double. Mwahahaha. May also lead them to become hypnotized.
  2. Blizz announced that mastery 5% bonuses are contingent upon every piece of your armor being your appropriate proficiency. This means they are now accountable for ensuring boomkins actually have a BiS leather piece for every slot. Huzzah!
  3. Despite my long work hours, I’ve been able to fill in and kill some bosses here and there in ICC. That’s 100% more Icecrown action than I thought this lady would ever have.
  4. I’m slowly narrowing in on getting the boomkin her PUG pug puppy. This is in large part why she has finally gotten rid of all her T7 Naxx 10 gear. I am still stuck with an ilvl 200 badge trinket, but I can live with it.
  5. Not a lot is more gratifying than going into a crowded skinnable pack, popping starfall+barkskin then slapping down a hurricane. Boomkin AOE is even more awesome than my beloved mind sear. For serious.

Happy Friday! And safe travels.