Get Thee to Dalaran!

Since the expansion has been up and  running for a few days now, if you are interested in getting your professions (or fishing/cooking achievements) started, you really do need to get yourself to Dalaran. You  have 3 options for doing so:

  1. Wait for level 74 at which point you will be eligible for a quest that sends you there.
  2. Find a level 74 mage and pay them to port you to Dalaran
  3. If you see a friend of yours milling around Dalaran, have them queue you up as a  group to go to the Battlegrounds…which will eventually pop you out where you were queued — i.e. Dalaran

I highly suggest that before you head to Dalaran, however, that you ensure you have your factions two starting area flight paths, and have gotten the Kalu’ak flight paths between Kamagua and Moa’ki Harbor and Kaskala. Note that turtle boats travel from Mo’ak Harbor to the other 2 locations, making the flight paths easy to obtain.

I’m in Dalaran, Now What?

First things first– set your hearth at an inn. You have two choices — your faction’s inn, or the Inn in the Underbelly. Next up, head to Krases Landingand grab the flight path. Finally, take a good solid hour and explore the city. There are a lot of amzing sites — and vendors– within the shops. And be sure to tour the sewers. There’s even a [Ghostly Skull] in pet in it for you if you can part with 40g.

After I made it to Dalran, my first orders of business included completing my first daily cooking quests, and stocking up on Northern Spices, purchased with my Dalaran Cooking Awards. And then I spent a few ours(!) working on fishing in the fountain. And somewhere in there I also bought a train set. Be warned, however, that the humor deficient may complain about the /train that ensues after you put your train set to work. And the toy shop may be hazardous to your mount fund.