Friday Five: Twitter Dev Chat Qs for the Class Designers

There's another WoW Developers BlizzChat happening on Twitter this Friday today from 5-6 PM PST with the class design team. Here are 5 questions I hope to see answered:

  1. Shadow Priests are losing some of their unique utility; what else is planned to enhance them, other than shadow orbs?
  2. Will a shadow priest be able to use Leap of Faith while in shadow form?
  3. Mind Spike as a nuke is great. What will keep shadow priests from spamming it non-stop, akin to warlocks and shadowbolt spam in BC?
  4. Preventing DoT clipping will make shadow priests and affliction locks easier to play. Was that an overall goal for many of your class changes; lower barrier to excelling?
  5. Are the announced level 80+ abilities intended for all players of a class, or will they be tied to specific talent trees?

What are the questions you have ready to ask in 140 characters or less tonight?