Friday Five: Recent Reads

What would be appropriate reading for this goblin lady, upon her throne?

Recent posts around the blogosphere that have caught my eye:

  1. Evaluating Holy Priests with World of Logs on Cannot Be Tamed.
    A long standing argument I had in a prior guild with my other raiding officer was around measuring performance and holding raiders accountable. As a healer, he felt only the DPS (my peeps) could be measured and held accountable for their performance via tools such as World of Logs. No matter how many times I wrote posts here around how to compare and evaluate players in all roles, he held on to that POV. And thus I am always thrilled to see folks taking up the accountability mantle and showing that yes, in fact, healers can be evaluated too.
  2. ilvl 365 Vicious Gear and the Phantom Tier on Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual.
    I haven’t PvP’d seriously in several expansions, but always love when Cyn takes a big PvP community dust up and writes one of his epic posts on it. Judging by the twitter response to this article, it seems to have really given folks some food for thought.
  3. Three-Legged Stools on Psynister’s Notebook.
    This post touches on subject matter I’ve been meaning to address head-on for some time: my mojo in WoW is off, as is that of a number of the folks I love to play with the most. Not sure how — or if we can– climb out of this funk, but calling it out is definitely a key first step.
  4. Making a Buck While Leveling alt No. 2349 on Jaded Alt.
    This post inspired me to start mentally drafting a post on how I make my alts financially self-sustaining through crafting. This post, however, gives tips that even the laziest non-crafter can follow so that they’re never that guy begging for Gs for repairs before raid (or worse yet, for epic flying.)
  5. No I Didn’t Start Playing WoW Again on The Stoppable Force.
    I absolutely love online gaming and my group of friends and co-conspirators I’ve met through the WoW blogging community. And like TSF, I fully intend to keep on blogging and chatting away on twitter, even if a time comes when my focus shifts to another MMO. Like TSF, I am definitely going to be giving SW:TOR a try when it comes out (despite being annoyed at the prospect of having to install Windows on my machine to do so.)

What’ve you read recently that’s truly struck a chord?