One Kitten Short of a Litter: Tuxedo Kitty Needed!

mister Bill, stopping to smell the flowers

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I think I may have even mentioned it on twitter at some point. But I haven’t put it out here in the blog, so here goes:

What the World of Warcraft Really needs is a tuxedo kitten pet. I even have the perfect model for them. The adorable Mister Bill you see here. His special resting action could be catching nearby mice and birds and dropping them at your feet. And randomly scampering up trees, then mewing for you to come get him.

Heck, I’d happily settle for a full grown tuxedo cat even. And again, I have the perfect model for it:

who's a handsome kitty? mister bill that's who!

Mister Bill used to sit for hours (usually on my SO’s lap) and watch us play World of Warcraft. He was happy that we had finally found a hobby that involved there always being a lap available for him to sit on. He was especially fond of the druids, due to their flight form. I think that if he could have played the game, however, he’d have definitely been a rogue, sneaking up behind the bad guys and going stabby stabby.

I know chances are slim of our ever getting a tuxedo kitty added to the game, but a girl can dream.

Mister Bill, we miss you.