Starcaller Anexxia

Face to Face with Algalon

My last major achievement of Wrath of the Lich King. I never really put it on my to hope for list. I was afraid of being disappointed. Especially after all the Sunday afternoons spent watching people run into fire on Mimiron Firefighter attempts…


But tonight, I got to see Algalon for the first time. And after 40 minutes of working on him, we defeated him. And that makes me Starcaller Anexxia. And I am nearly teary eyed over it. Because it feels good to hit up that one last thing as the days tick down on this expansion.

Thank you Emtox for perservering on this, even in the face of flaking and no shows. This meant a lot.

4 thoughts on “Starcaller Anexxia”

  1. Grats Nexi! Glad you were able to get it….I don’t think I signed up for yesterday…if I did, I apologize for being a no show! Had to take blood tests yesterday (one that I had to fast for,) so I kind of forgot about anything else.

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