Spectral Gryphon Rides

It’s 8:30, a good half hour past when our servers were planned to be back up, so instead of checking my bank alt before heading out for the day, I am sharing a screenshot from this past week.

While the zombie plague spread through the cities, I stayed where it was safe — the Eastern Plagues, homebase for the Argent Dawn. Thanks to some Strat 2-mans, plus farming and the occasional scourge necropolis popping up, I ground out my exalted level with Argent Dawn over the course of a week.

One night, while out in Plaguewood farming, I was asked to help with a headless horseman group. Since Alliance had control of the towers, I was able to visit the nearby ghostly gryphon master, and hop on this spectral gryphon, taking me to Eastwall Tower, and speeding up my trip. It’s my favorite way to travel out there…

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