Some Days, it’s Like You’re Falling Through the World…

The other evening, as I was minding my own business., disciplining some lazy (allegedly exhausted) Vrykyll, currying favor with the blue ladies who gave me the nice bear, I suddenly fell through an invisible mine shaft and found myself…falling through the world.

It was sort of pretty at first, in a Cocteau Twins sort of a way.

But I soon realized, I wasn’t going to land anywhere. And I couldn’t use the unstuck feature…because “that feature does not work while moving.” I mulled how long a GM ticket would take…and found myself suddenly dead. I rez’d on a skeletal gryphon…but as soon as I accepted…I was again free falling through the air with no land in sight.

Thankfully, a guildie saved me by queuing us up for a battleground.

While I spent all that time in free fall, I started to think about my Alliance guild. When I log on there for even a few minutes before retreating back to my beloved undead shadow priest, I feel like I am aimless, drifting, moving through the world without any goals in sight.

The casual raiding guild my druid is still a part of, in guild tag if not in spirit, fell apart about a month ago, tho it was in process of doing so since January. First, there was raiding dramas, which is funny considering the fast pace of progress — a full clear of Naxx in 2 raid IDs, primarily with folks who had never been through it. An Officer/non officer couple who loved drama so much they argued with the RL/GM for hours about someone (me) fairly winning loot I needed (and that was an upgrade to my last blue) that would have been a side grade to the Officer’s epic.

But the drama couple’s departure was followed by…more officer drama. Our only reliable healer suddenly wanted to go shadow (despite having declined to do so 3 months earlier when that would have allowed more healers into the raid, stating that all she wanted to do was heal). Our off tank wanted to heal. Our dps classes that couldn’t break 2k dps on their mains wanted to start bringing in alts! The pally in greens who just dinged 80 and couldn’t keep a connection open scooped up all the gear and felt ike he was doing us a favor! It was chaos! And no longer at all fun. But despite all that I felt obligated to log on to raids twice per week, even though it stressed me out, and the rest of my gaming time each week was being spent having a blast playing my shadow priest.

The guild took a break from scheduling any runs, which gave me the easy exit I needed to commit full time to my shadow priest. I did give my druid a lovely parting gift though — I made her chopper. After all, I won’t be needing to spend the cash on dual spec or raiding supplies on her for a very long while.

Dark Lady Watch Over Us!

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