So Close…But Still Some Work Remains

We are on our third raiding week of our Lich King 10 raid ID. We have been alternating weeks with this ID and a clear ID for one of our two 10 man teams.

We’ve gotten phase 1 down (although last night we did bring a new healer into the mix, which meant some ramp up time, as to be expected), and are usually pretty solid for Phase 2, but typically have a defile-soaked meltdown right at the edge of transitioning into Phase 3. We have seen the special fight within the fight mechanic that shall remained undescribed to avoid the spoilers, but we have only gotten to that point once.

Last night, as we chipped away on perfecting our LK attempts, our second 10-man raid team downed Putricide, earning a couple of folks their Plagueworks achievement. This leaves them open to work on the Blood Princes and BQL this Saturday, which will be a first peek at those bosses for many folks. Huzzah!

It’s a great feeling to see the little raid team that could keep chugging up this hill.

It’s hard to believe the guild did not get through SSC in BC. Or that they started out WotLK with ad hoc Naxxramas runs without the ability for the guild at large to sign up and participate in. Now, we have a fully transparent to everyone process, public signups and schedules. It is in fact one of the most above board raid processes I’ve ever particiapted in.

It is awesome what putting some structure around raiding, having a committed core of folks who really wanted to see the content of the expansion, plus the hard work and dedication of the many raid schedulers and raid leaders helped make happen.


4 thoughts on “So Close…But Still Some Work Remains”

  1. The Naxx signups were open (and public) to anyone who bothered to read the forum (hehe!) though the process of scheduling was still done behind closed doors by very dedicated volunteers.

  2. I probably should have used the Ulduar raid schedules as an example since that was after I joined. I’d just heard a lot of comments (mostly from scrubs) and read them in the forums to the effect of it not being clear who was being scheduled when/why/how for Naxx 10.

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