Slowly But Surely Leveling my Warlock

warlock uncovers the secret of the moonkin's origin in Winterspring

The first time I logged in and played my then level 43 warlock after the patch,  My blueberry died. A couple of times. And then I died three times in short succession. I’m pretty sure I hadn’t died three times in getting to that level. And thus, I nerd raged.

And then I logged off in a huff.

But as this character is intended to be my Alliance jewelcrafter (my former Alliance shaman who is a maxed out JC now resides as a troll shaman on another server), I took a dee breath and went back to her this past week. And this time, things just clicked.

  • I love having an extra bag open to collect things instead of being crammed full of soul shards.
  • My demons’ names are now operating as intended so they stop startling me.
  • The blueberry has stopped dying and now adequately protects me as intended.
  • I never get low on health or mana, except after we get dismounted when running through Zeth’Gor, but even then we both live and /cackle at those silly orcs who tried to stop us.
  • I love having shard-free soulstones and healthstones.

There are a few differences I am still getting used to though:

  • What am I supposed to do with those 3 soul shards staying charged up on my portrait all the time? So far not really ever using them.
  • I am not loving having a 30min cooldown for applying a 15 min soulstone. Now I keep a stone handy and soulstone myself only if I think I am in danger of death.

Somehow, yesterday, I plowed through from 55 to 60. The motivator of having flying to visit all the candy buckets of Outlands spurred me on. And once the servers are up, I’ll be back at it. Gotta get to 65 to train up the jewelcrafting after all! That leaves a month to get her to 75 which is the required minimum level, I think, for learning the Cataclysm recipes. That part is the longshot in all this. I’ll be back at work on November 1 which means significantly less playtime. And Northrend questing always takes me forever and a day — I have quest fatigue from running seven 80s through them all.

But I am hopeful that she will be the little warlock who could. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Slowly But Surely Leveling my Warlock”

  1. I gave him a stern talking to and he shaped up.
    I am leveling Demo, and just playing with the talent points as they come since I haven’t seen a guide yet for her level post-patch. It was really rough at first, but as she’s gained a few levels, and gotten more talent points, it’s actually moved into the realm of “mwahahaha silly mobs I will kill 4 of you at once!” which is much nicer.

  2. I am loving demo so much right now. <3
    I actually macroed the soul shard use of every ability to the control modifier. I've found the ones I use most often are the instant demon summon on the Felguard, the instant soul fire (especially nice when when something is beating on you and needs to die ASAP), and the healthstone health bonus. The Felguard is an absolute beast right now, I love him.

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