Weekend Reading List

Lots of good WoW blog reading around the Interwebs this past week or so…

  • Your first stop should be the Blog Azeroth Shared Topics "What Should Give Guild Rep" post. Some great ideas in the participating blogs. Especially around what, in a perfect world, would *cost* folks some of that hard earned rep.
  • Restokin has the first article I've seen so far from anyone in BETA actually using the reforging mechanic.
  • Flash of Moonfire has a nice article on a few Vanilla quest chains to do before Cataclysm potentially renders them obsolete.
  • Pugnacious Priest has a nice long piece on why whom you are playing with matters. I've been a raid healer in serious raiding guilds, and a DPS in more casual guilds, and swapped between one of each in a raiding 10 setting. And how I felt about my role and whom I was playing definitely fluctuated depending upon with whom I was spending my play time.
  • I keep meaning to write a post on what players want from their guilds and what guilds expect from their members, but now that Alas has written one, I can continue to slack off and not do so.
  • Jaded Alt's post on add-ons for kitten herders introduced me to a mod I'll definitely try out soon. Because who wouldn't want to run a mod called Angry RaidInviter? Ditto for Synergy. Oh to have had these when we ran the 25Naxx scrubraids!

Anything you read this week that I should go check out? Let me know.


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