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At work, we just completed our annual review cycle. Contrary to popular P.O.V., I actually somewhat look forward to my annual review, because I appreciate getting an outside perspective on where my strengths are, and where I need to focus on improvement. And it’s really cool, since we solicit input from colleagues, to hear from the folks that work with you day in and day out how you impact their work.

Going through this process led me to start thinking about ongoing raid team evaluations, and how that could work. In a perfect world, I would be able to click on my name in a World of Logs/WoW Meter Online report, and come to my own personalized dashboard. In addition to it showing me how I did on that night’s fights, it would have a homepage that would chart, over time, how I am doing overall in my role over time, as well as allowing me to drill down on a boss-by-boss basis to evaluate my progress. Unfortunately, unless you have a player who’s ranked in the top 200 for their spec on that fight, you don’t really get to see that sort of data on WoL.

I did find some of that historical data on WMO, available on a raid and individual level by boss basis. It’s still not going to help track how you are doing on boss fights you are working on (it only shows boss kills) and its graph plot line is a little wonky, but it’s at least a step in the right direction. It can at least show you the highs and lows of any individual player’s attempts versus this boss.

I’m wondering how other guilds track performance over time, or if in fact they do. If yours does, let me know how they do it.

4 thoughts on “Raider Performance Evaluations”

  1. That is a great idea.
    Wonder how hard it would be to code something like that and then charge a small monthly sub for people to use it. A couple of pounds a month is a small sum for most people, but multiply it by lots and lots of raiders… Hmmm. 😉

  2. I think a lot of folks would pay a little bit to have that sort of dynamic evaluation for their raiders. Unfortunately I am not technically proficient enough to do that.

  3. I would LOVE to have some way of automated raider eval’s. We had one of our members writing his perceptions of the fight and the top 5 and low 5 folks on performance for a while, but that is quite a tedious and time-consuming role. Plus there was no way to aggregate the information. ^_^

  4. I have been poking around since writing this post, and so far I am not coming up with another solution. So looks like it’s Excel spreadsheet time…

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