Pirate’s Day, Harvest Festival, and Brewfest — Oh My!

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For most of us, September is devoid of holidays other than Labor Day (a day upon which many of us labor.) But not so in Azeroth– it’s the kickoff of the prime holiday season:

It’s nice to have them all bunched together in the midst of the pre-expansion doldrums. Inevitably, the holidays bring the recently MIA back online and provide great opportunities to get the guild together to do something that all can participate in regardless of level and gear.

Harvest Festival

Not just an excuse to sit down at the enemy’s table and eat their pie, this holiday is the single best way to power level an alt’s neglected cooking skills. The bountiful tables outside the major citites make a good place to hold a guild party, especially if you are PvP inclined. Tons of achievements are attainable, including one of my favorites, wherein you get the Turkinator buff and run around like mad, shooting turkeys. Mwahahaha. *cough* But I digress.

No, wait, as Moober reminded me this really is a holiday just about sitting down at a table and eating strange conjured foods. Oh well. We still have Pilgrim’s Bounty to look forward to for the above. Need moar coffee.

Pirate’s Day

Last yer, my horde guild had a small dance party on top of the Booty Bay inn, to hang with the pirates, yo. I think my favorite part of the event is the long-duration pirate outfit it gives you. Last year, this was basically an ahicevement in search of a holiday. Too soon to know if Blizz has anything up their sleeve, given the Cataclysmic changes incoming.


Who doesn’t love a holiday that features pink elekks and tossing pints of ale at Dark Iron dwarves? And a chance at the sexy mounts you see in the above screenshot? It should be easier than ever this year to get your shots at Coren Direbrew, thanks to the holiday bosses being in LFD. And it also means you won’t have that same stingy guildie taking everything that drops, unlike two years ago *i’mlookingatyouyoungpaladin*.

What did your guild do last year? And what are you planning to do for the holidays this year? I’d love to swap ideas. And expect to see some more on these holidays here as we get closer to them.

3 thoughts on “Pirate’s Day, Harvest Festival, and Brewfest — Oh My!”

  1. I have to admit that we don’t really do anything as a guild for the holidays. But some of us farm the mounts and achievements like crazy 😉

  2. WoW has it been a year already? I have fond memories of the Harvest Festival, that was about the time Holiterra was born. I remember watching the Burning man, and being awed by the in-game festivities. I’d made a few other Horde toons before her, but she was the one that stuck. I leveled the entire way as Holy. It’s been a long time since I stepped my virtual toes into WoW. I think the last time I was there was in May?
    Although I didn’t particpate in all the WoW holidays, always happy when my WoW buddies got what they wanted, and would try to help them out if I could. My favorite Holiday was Hallow’s End. If I had my way, it would have lasted the entire month of October.

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