Patch Day Respecs

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past month thinking about how I wanted to spec my toons once this patch went live. Overall, I’m not making radical changes…except for my main’s build.

For the past 2.5 years she’s been a raid healing druid, tho she had an unconventional spec (officially hybrid, a modified dreamstate build heavy on the mana regen.) She had a one week flirtation with Balance when we had a week off raiding…and I used that time to grind up Kurenai faction to give her a space goat.  I vowed then that I would eventually let her go BOOMkin fulltime. And that time is now.

Here are the builds I am thinking of implementing once the servers come up today, pending that these are the trees we have live, which may not be the case:

Once the respeccing is done, I need to go out to the Isle, set my
treants loose, and kill many creatures, and see how these builds play
out in action vs. theory. Historically, I haven’t been a
fill-up-on-one-tree sort of a player. I’ve always had builds that
leaned more towards the hybrid side of the aisle. So we’ll see how
these builds suit me. My goal will be to settle on builds for all 4 of
my 70s that will be suitable for leveling and instancing my way to 80.
And then I can start worrying about raid-viable builds.

Happy patch day!

UPDATE: The armory is starting to show us our converted gear sets.

Logged out last night with my regular raid healing gear on. All the
items have updated to be +spellpower and it doesn’t look like she lost
+heal (or if she did it was less than 100 points). That +dmg is
horrible though. I hope her boomkin set can help boost that up a bit.

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