How Patch 3.3 Helped me Get my Mojo Back

I was surprised that so many folks gave a big “Meh!” when 3.3 hit. Because it honestly gave me my mojo back in game. I went from being a wee bit bored to having more stuff I wanted to do than I could conceivably find time to complete.

Suddenly, I had reasons to run heroics on my shadow priest. 100 random peeps grouped with later and I took home an adorable PUG puppy plus a few achievements and a smattering of frost emblems to boot. We had a new raid instance to hack at, new screenshots to take and new patterns to look forward to.

And then there is the lore aspect. I LOVE how the three new dungeons have a storyline that carries you through them. It’s awesome to once again be fighting by the Dark Lady’s side. And I am driven to emote every time I enter the ICC raid instance for the first time each week…but I won’t say what I always say to keep the spoilers at bay. But the fact that I enter the raid each week with a purpose makes me smile.

Leveling the druid got even easier. She went oom less frequently than before. She could turn in the heavy borean leather for arctic furs and quickly leveled to 440 leatherworking, a day or so after hitting 65, thanks to all the leathers I’d banked from the last alt’s leveling as a skinner/herbalist.

I have renewed hope the shaman has a chance in hell of gearing herself up respectably, if I can find the time to do some random dungeons with her. Of course, given our current guild situation of more folks who want to raid than we have spots for, and a policy of rotating folks in and out to ensure everyone gets a chance at content, things will slow down soon. In fact I was sat tonight from ICC 10, while they work on a new boss, so they can ensure everyone gets a crack at seeing the new content.

But instead of logging on to tackle any of the above to dos, or to level the baby warlock, I’m sipping a glass of wine, writing in the blog. And that feels great as well. I have a backlog of stuff I want to write about here, just like my in game to do list grows longer every day.

It’s nice to be re-engaged with WoW. I hope you are as well.

13 thoughts on “How Patch 3.3 Helped me Get my Mojo Back”

  1. Being sat last night gives you a higher probability of actually killing a new boss as the groups who got to him tonight were too tired and therefore, unfocused to make much progress. Group One’s best attempt on Festergut was 55%. I cannot access Group Two’s WoL report to see if they got a kill, but since there aren’t any celebratory posts on the forums, I think the likelihood is low.

  2. You never can tell how a first go at a new boss will pan out. When I wrote and made this very small aside in this post about what’s gotten me re-engaged with the game, it was anyone’s guess as to what would happen. We are nothing if not wildly inconsistent in our abilities to surprise us all with what we take down and when.

  3. I think someone missed the point of this post…
    For myself, I know I have had to take an active interest in new parts of the game lately to stay engaged. Motorcycle and Loremaster here I come baby!

  4. I think playing my baby alts with a friend, getting to enjoy the old content in a new way, and just relaxing my goals in the game has been a breath of fresh air. At this point my “main” is probably my least played character, and I’m ok with that. Variety has made me appreciate how vast the game is. I’m even leveling an alliance character just to see the game from the other side.

  5. Playing the opposite faction does really open up a new game imho. I know that switching to Anexxia full time at the beginning of last year is what kept me going. I was really done with the Alliance experience (and my home server) at that point. But getting to see the new content from a new perspective (especially wrathgate) was really a powerful motivator. And don’t even get me started on how having a new baby alt with engineering, a profession I’ve never before leveled, has gotten me pumped up.

  6. Of course. But this was not a post crying about being sat. As the author, I do know my intentions. I am sorry that is what you came away from it with.

  7. I’m also psyched by 3.3! I’ve certainly played more than the past few months thanks to being able to heal in groups easily on all my toons, the low levels as well as the main. And as for the firestorm of guildie responses above, a night off is not a bad thing. Keeps everyone fresh.

  8. It’s always nice to mix things up in the real world, and in-game too. It’s good to hear that you are having fun with your lowbies too. At times it seems most people are so caught up in end-game (gearing up and raiding) that they don’t take time to check out some of the other things too. 🙂

  9. I always need to feel like a have a smorgasboard of options to choose from when logging in to WoW. I like to have lowbies to play with, to stop and smell the flowers, and to have new professions to obsess over. The druid is in Northrend now but the baby warlock is still wee. By the time the lock hits 80, I think Cataclysm, or its BETA should be here (*crosses fingers on a BETA invite*)

  10. Folks have been suckering me in to heal on my shaman, so I have slowly been improving her gear. Her ele set is still a lot better than her healing gear (which is bizarre since in BC it was the opposite.) And I have definitely been taking advantage of the new Dungeon Finder on the druid I am leveling — got my first Triumph badges from yesterday’s random heroic on her.

  11. Locks are so much fun, I leveled mine before they nerfedd Blueberry, so he was a constant companion of my little gnome. I have fond memories exploring Duskwood with him. /grins
    I played a lot of BG’s in the 19s bracket. My gnome was so short she could hide in bushes, or my Blueberry. 🙂

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