Operation: Gnomeregan. A story in pictures of one gnome’s participation

(spoilers abound. turn back all ye who wish to not be spoiled!)

It’s not every day a gnome receives a letter from High Tinker Mekkatorque. He needed my help to round up and inspire gnome citizens to help retake our long-embattled home city. I rounded them up and headed out to Kharanos, to see how our little hands could be best put to use.

One of my first tasks was to put my knowledge of the area to work, flying reconnaissance over the valley floor, and using one of our amazing gnome engineering gizmos to blow up some of the radiation-leaking vents.

I could hardly believe me ears when High Tinker Mekkatorque said we were ready to start our ground assault! We suited up in specially constructed hazmat suits, and steeled ourselves for the battle ahead.

Thermaplugg’s machines came out in full, but our brave heroes conquered them and swiftly advanced to the entrance of our beloved city.

We lost many brave adventurers to the radiation, but that didn’t stop me or lessen my determination.

Whew! Thank goodness our parachutes all opened.

…this sure would be a long ways down without one.

Besieged by more of thermaplugg’s machines gone wild, we made our way to the city center.

Hey? What’s that noise? OMG That’s a fully functional irradiator!


Thankfully, Jhordy Lapforge got us out of there in the nick of time.

It wasn’t quite the epic win I was hoping for, but as High Tinker Mekkatorque said, “Thermaplugg’s lost, and he knows it…he’s only bought himself time. We hold the surface, and when the radiation clears we’ll assault and recapture Gnomeregan with a force twice this size. ”

In other words, I’LL BE BACK, THERMAPLUGG.

7 thoughts on “Operation: Gnomeregan. A story in pictures of one gnome’s participation”

  1. I have to say, after doing the retaking of Echo Isles, I was rather disappointed with Operation: Gnomeregan. Probably should have done them the other way around. Great screenshots, it was amusing to see your server had the same issue with people running ahead of the buff and dying!

  2. I’m trying to do it right now, but people keep bugging Mekkatorque and we have to start all over again *sniff*
    Awesome screenshots 🙂

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