On Spreading Yourself Too Thin

This weekend, our raiding team is going to be attempting ToGC. It’s Sunday morning, and I really want to go, but I’m not coming. I can’t commit to it. Why? Because I realize I am spreading myself too thin.

I have a big outside of game “to do” list, and a very busy job that has seen an uptick in urgent projects. Add to this my raid commitments 4 nights per week that I schedule around, and I am simply running out of time to do everything I want to do.

I plan to take a week off in April, with a goal of hitting up a ton of movies at our local international film fest. And this will also give me time to work on the recipe and scrapbook and photo board projects I have sitting around in varying states of completion. But until then, I am also going to try to do a better job of managing my time in game.

  • If I am standing around chit chatting, I better be crafting something or doing a daily. No more standing around in Dal talking in /o!
  • I know I want to do both Alliance and Horde pre-expansion questlines, which means getting the two Alliance 70s up to 80 and getting the 80 some better gear and replenishing their depleted banks. This also allows me to have some time to chit chat with the Alliance friends who have not yet made the leap to the horde and to further work on them in that vein. Consolidating all my characters back into the friends and family guild I love was a great step I made in this direction a while back. Realistically, you can only keep a pulse on so many guilds at one time.
  • I want to work on my horde alts so they are all in a good place gear-wise for the expansion. Realistically, the horde is where my playtime focus is, so they will get the bulk of my spare time.
  • In order to have some spare time to do the above, while managing to have quality time outside of the game I need to stop trying to do everything all the time. This one is hard for me because at the heart, I am an overachiever IRL. But I don’t want to be in a place where I become one of those people who overcommitt and underdeliver.

6 thoughts on “On Spreading Yourself Too Thin”

  1. I hate and love that there’s a neverending list of things to do in WoW. On one hand, I never get bored, on the other, there’s just not enough hours in the week.
    I had trouble keeping up when I was raiding 3 nights a week. Now that I’ve added a 10 man night to the list, I’m tearing my hair out. Some of my guildies actually pug extra raids on their alts… I just can’t see where they find the time!

  2. Sometimes the trick of getting things done is not to try to be extra efficient by doing two things at a time, but rather to cut down on things to do – not going on that ToGC run seems to be a good move.
    I have a ton of alts and I had a lot of plans for all of them but I’ve realised I’m never gonna fulfill them all, and after a brief period of angst for that it actually feels very good now to NOT have to do things all the time.
    Maybe you should take a week off not for a film festival and scrap booking but to sit under a cork tree and smell the flowers, it will feel odd at first but then the bliss and relaxation will come 🙂

  3. A little break might do you wonders. My forced – almost week long break allowed me to do a couple of things I was postponing, like sleeping to my heart’s content.
    Beware of /o chat, it’s evil, you can spend hours just doing nothing.

  4. 🙂
    This Fall, I am taking time off to travel and sit under trees smelling flowers (in Scotland!) Overall, the most relaxing vacation times I have ever had involved Venice, where big plans for a day include cappuccino for breakfast and talking a walk. It’s good to check out once in a while for sure.

  5. We were glad to see you back online — EQs are serious business(I live on the San Andreas fault.) And yes, this is a pretty busy /o chat, but I’ve survived that channel before. It totally helps to put it in its own tab so as to allow for zoning out doing something else…

  6. It is a lot nicer to have a bigger than I can accomplish list in game than to be bored. Just means I have to prioritize instead of going with the flow and doing everything that comes my way. Like you, I am typically at 4 raid nights per week now between 25 and 10-man ICC, which leaves a lot less time to putter around on the baby alts. I have done some ICC alt raids with my shaman, but so can not commit to doing anything lie that regularly. Not enough time! I think I only was able to squeeze that in during vanilla (having a raiding alt) due to us having along Saturday raid day and only 2o-man raids during the week (ZG and AQ20) that were totally optional.

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