On Shimmering Druid Wings

My baby horde druid is now in Northrend, and having attained level 71, has her pretty epic flight form. This shot, however, is from right after she got her plain old regular flight form, at level 60, in Hellfire Peninsula, but I love this Christmas Eve shot for the gorgeous sky.

I’m no fan of HFP due to many bitter memories of quests that took hours and respawns that randomly went from taking forever to all popping at once on top of you back in the early days of BC.

But I am a huge fan of flying, especially on my druids (baby druid being my first horde druid, but my former Alliance main is a level 80 druid.) My first druid got a significant portion of levels 68-70 from flying around exploring the rest of Outlands. The only reason I didn’t do the same on this one is I have been leveling her with a friend so I couldn’t get ahead in XP like that. Ditto for why I have yet to do the druid swift flight form chain, which I thought was incredibly well-done, but I will go back and do it at 80.

But there is something incredibly peaceful about gliding around on druid wings. I pan around to see the sights, and enjoy the traveling to and fro. While on other characters I might still hop a flight path and AFK, even though they also have epic flight, on my druids I always want to take the me-directed route there.

She’s a skinner, not an herber or a miner, so the epic speed flight won’t really help her gather. But it does give her the independence to make her own path, and show off doing loop-de-loops with /mountspecial. And sometimes, it’s those little things that matter, at least to me.

Happy Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “On Shimmering Druid Wings”

  1. I can see why you posted that picture, it’s gorgeous!
    I still haven’t purchased Pouncies epic flying mount, even though I definitely have the funds to do so. Nothing new since I tend to wait a while (after my first 70, Holiterra) with my newer toons before they get their epic flying.

  2. They are really fun to level in the 60-80 range especially…I raelly missed having a druid to cruise around on — can’t wait to slowly but surely climb to 80 with this lady. 9 more levels to go!

  3. Thanks!
    I made my Alliance shadow priest wait through BC for hers, only purchasing it this Summer for her finally, even tho she is still lingering at 70, as a reward for her inscription having been such a good moneymaker. And then got her and my 71 mage cold weather flying. At which point it dominoed and I sent the druid the cash for her epic flying as well, as an incentive to keep leveling.

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