Old World Motorcycle Road Trip

Inspired by this week’s Blog Azeroth shared topic, suggested by Jaedia, I went on a bit of a road trip this week.

shadow priest on motorcycle, Tanaris

I headed out from Gadgetzan, following a rumor that there had been some old God activity in the Uldum area.

shadow priest on motorcycle, Uldum

It was a long, dusty journey, but once I got there, nothing seemed amiss. Er, wait, has there always been a big hole in the door like that? I guess I must have overlooked it in my prior visit…

SHadow priest on shadow bat, Silithus

Hmmm, well, I’d also heard there’d been some Old Gods activity out in Silithus. I caught a life on a friendly windrider to hasten my journey (Un’goro Crater is murder on the bike’s chrome.)

shadow priest on motorcycle, Silithus

I set out through the desert towards the Ruins of AQ. Surely, there must be something going on there?

shadow priest on motorcycle, AQ

No, no one seems to have been out here in months. The sand shows no signs of disturbance other than my own.

shadow priest on motorcycle, Feralas

After a good night’s rest, I headed out to Feralas. It’s always interesting how much beauty you can find during a slow motorcycle lap through the countryside

shadow priest spying on green dragons in Feralas

I stopped to take a closer look at the summoning portal. But the green dragons caught sight of me, so I hastened on my way.

shadow priest on motorcycle, Desolace

Entering Desolace, I suddenly wondered if I had remembered to pack any water. This definitely looks like one of those places the maps mark with the “Bring water!” annotation. It looked like there had been some serious trouble out here for travelers, so I made a note to keep on my guard.

shadow priest on motorcycle, Desolace

This area was significantly overrun with the corruption of demons and their magix, tho there wasn’t any obvious evidence of what they were up to. What drew them here?

shadow priest exploring old Desolace

A narrow path up the steep hillside caught my eye. I hid my chopper in some brush and crept up the path towards the settlement. Maybe this would give me some insight into what drew the demons here.

shadow priest wants a Burning Blade pony, Desolace

Wow. Just wow. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw as I crept around their settlement. Ponies! They had a half dozen ponies! I don’t know exactly how this fit into their nefarious plans, but I did know that I coveted this one. Pony on fire. So pretty. I never did find out the secret to the ponies, because my fellow adventurers sent me a plea for help…

shadow priest explores Molten Core

and thus I quickly made my way to Blackrock Mountain, deep into the Molten Core. It looks like the fun had started without me.

shadow priest in Molten Core

After finding my friends, I found they were onto the scent of an Elemental Lord, Ragnaros, who’d apparently been interfering with Azeroth, despite his slumber in the Elemental Plane. Most of his minions refused to give up any information, until we got to this one, Majordomo Executus. We barely gave him a spanking and he took us to his master’s lair.

shadow priest in Molten Core

Funny how easy it was to come calling on Ragnaros, and to convince Majordomo to awaken him.

shadow priest calls on Ragnaros via Majordomo Executus in old Molten Core

The fire lord was a truly impressive sight. Alas, he wasn’t expecting us. For he’d been awakened too soon. We quickly defeated him, then left the mountain to spread the word of his demise. And thus, my travels alone on the road resumed.

7 thoughts on “Old World Motorcycle Road Trip”

  1. Taking a Road Trip seem so much cooler when you have a motorbike! Nice screenshots and I like your story telling about the road trip 🙂
    Hmm, how odd.. I couldn’t post with just putting name/url I had to login to Twitter. Maybe my noscript is acting up again.

  2. Thanks hon!
    I’d been planning to do a big screenshot road trip through Azeroth pre-Cataclysm, and this BAST got me in gear to do it.

  3. It seems we have a noscript update every day or two. But that’s a good thing overall (except when it causes anyone to lose a blog comment that is.)
    I love how we all interpret the BASTs differently. Fun to see what other folks got up to for this one.

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