No-Raid Tuesdays

This morning, I reflected upon one of the things I am most grateful for in my raiding life: we don’t raid on Tuesdays.

My 40- and 25-man raiding guilds all insisted on keeping up Tuesday night raids even in the face of serious patches. I have not especially fond memories of standing around in front of the Eye for 90 minutes watching folks DC, log off and on replacing mods only to go in and have everyone get stuck in the instance. Oh yeah, fun times…except not.

Do yourself a favor raid schedulers: just say no to Tuesday night raids! Yes, some weeks there isn’t extended maintenance let alone a patch. But think of all the angst you will save yourself on the nights there *is* one or both of these server terrors unleashed.

Tonight/this afternoon, at least we have the The Sims 3
launch. Oh yeah, baby. I am definitely going to be trying to push the character customization tools to replicate my Forsaken priest.

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