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Once I saw all the tweets about it at lunchtime, I couldn’t wait to get home so I could peep at the new WoW armory design and community website accessible via Battlenet. After I ditched Firefox and opened it in Safari, I was able to enjoy the beauty that is the new character sheet.

What’s especially nice is they have the pretty version above, plus one withย a lot more detail about the equipped gear and its enchants and gems. I haven’t been playing my shadow priest much in the past month, thanks to taking a trip to Scotland and pre-expansion raiding burn out, so I hadn’t even noticed that the patch ate several of my enchants (including the one on my chest piece. Thanks a lot!) until I saw that view. Now I have a to do for each of my characters…

Now that the official armory has your average gear level, and shows all your enchants/gems and does a character audit, there won’t be much reason to visit WoW Heroes or other gear rating sites, except to see at-a-glance what raid content a character has completed, or for an easy way to see how that item level prepares them for which instance.

As currently implemented, the community site lets you pick which of your characters to display in the pulldown and to thus use for posting. I would put in a screenshot of the new overall pageview and how it shows a nice big adorable picture of your avatar, but it shows your real name right above it and I am too lazy to Photoshop it out this evening.

I have to admit I was a little surprised that Blizz didn’t set up a system similar to the Starcraft forums, whereby we have to pick our main character to post on. At least for now, it appears you can change your main character as often as you’d like, and post as any of your characters, as per the existing forums. It will be interesting to see if that remains true after the trial period is over.


4 thoughts on “New WoW Armory Character Sheets”

  1. Well, Starcraft doesn’t have a “main” character. They have ONE character. That’s it. So it’s easy enough to make people post on their character… it’s that or real names, and most people have proven they don’t want that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nod, they don’t have multiple characters which does make it easier. I was hoping they’d have us pick a toon to use on the forums. Oh well.
    At least it is shiny! And isn’t my real name.

  3. Yeah it is sort of random which of my characters they chose to load or not load. My druid was still gray even though I logged her in and out until I shift+refreshed the page.
    Now she’s very mean looking for some reason!
    I like what I see so far. Very nice update.

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