New Toys for Me (not involving Ulduar)

This year's Christmas holiday was all about the in-game toys for me. I not only found a wide range of the holiday toys under the tree from Santa, I also found a few in my mailbox from friends. My favorite druid, Elvenia, sent my neglected Alliance druid a Gundrak Hatchling. My SO gave my shadow priest the adorable Teldrassil Sproutling, and my leveling partner gave me the white moth I'd somehow overlooked in my pet collection.

On Christmas Eve day, as I leveled the baby druid with her shaman buddy, we received an Orb of Deception from a chest. Although it was tempting to keep it for the druid, I sent it to my undead shadow priest, who had to try it out. See for yourself what happened:

And that wasn't all of the fun and frivolity either.I'd gotten my SO a box of the World of Warcraft Trading Card game cards, which meant an influx of new UDE points to spend. So while I was redeeming my Landro's Pet Chest code (I got some Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuits), I also finally cashed in my Sandbox Tiger and Path of Cenarius loot cards.

The sandbox tiger will be a fun toy to pull out the next time our raid group is attacked by a plague of DCs. I had to try it out for myself first though, of course:

I hope Father Winter gave you some fun over this long holiday weekend as well.

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