My First Week with Mists of Pandaria…and I’m Loving it!

weeeee! tiny shadow gnome on incredibly huge Jade Dragon...

I know it’s not officially been a week since launch, but frankly I’m having such a great time with the expansion I felt compelled to write about it now versus waiting another couple of days.

Jumping right in, despite having attained a few levels in the BETA, on my horde shadow priest, since the Jade Forest intro quest was bugged for me at that time, I didn’t quest there at all. Which means all the content has felt fresh as a daisy which is exactly how you want to start of on a new leveling path.

I’ve been splitting my time between my elemental shaman on one server and my shadow priest on another server. I realize this is not maximum efficient usage of my limited game time, but it’s been nice to get to spend time in both guilds and playing two characters I’m really enjoying.

I was not sure how WoW questing was going to stack up after having been such a fan of the immersive storytelling in SWTOR. I’ve been enjoying having the quest chains be broken up here and there with some immersive storytelling, and cu scenes, even though I can’t make any choices or have a direct impact on the story. It’s still a step in the right direction and is a nice change from the old school wall of text quests.

A few things I love:

  • Watching peeps in guild chat, every few hours, earlier in the week, type out: “Socks! Noooooo!”
  • The pretty clothes for my cloth-wearers, and the nice looking mail for my shaman. Gone are the days of looking terrible, unless you are equipping the tailoring gear I am making…
  • Even as DPS getting in to LFD in a reasonable amount of time. Or perhaps I am just having enough fun out and about questing that I don’t notice the wait that much.
  • Professions have been moderately expensive to level but not impossible. I have enchanting, inscription and jewelcrafting maxed, with tailoring and alchemy up-and-coming.

A few things that are bugging me:

  • I need a toy chest for all the toys and trinkets that do things like summon a raccoon friend! They’re taking up all my bag space!
  • I want my farm to grow things faster! I have many things to grow for my Pandaren Cooking. Can’t I buy some EZ-Grow mulch from the goblins? No?
  • I made the tailoring set for my poor neglected horde shadow priest and she looks absolutely ridiculous. WTB a dress please!
  • Every LFD run I have done has had at least 1 incident of the boss lockout. It’s never resulted in the group not completing the boss so far mind you. But people need to keep up with the group and not ninja AFK! ;p
  • I think I may need to purchase a new bank slot for the banker to hold on to all the cooking materials. I’ve cleared one tab for it, but I just don’t think that will be enough…

What about you? How’s your first week of the expansion going so far?

7 thoughts on “My First Week with Mists of Pandaria…and I’m Loving it!”

  1. I’m having a blast 🙂 I spent most of the first week leveling gathering professions on my lock as fast as I could and selling high-level mats on the AH. I’ve made 26k so far 🙂
    I gave up trying to hit 89 on my lock before Brewfest ends. It just won’t happen with my work schedule this month. Instead, I’m going to focus on my Monk for awhile. Can’t wait to get beer kegs to throw at people!

  2. I’m sad that I haven’t had more free time to get into the expansion. I absolutely love what I’ve seen so far. Jade Forest was beautiful! The flow of the stories have been well done. And feels! I’m having feels about the plot! What do? 😀

  3. I’m having a great time… to be perfectly honest I didn’t think I’d be able to play until December. 🙂 The first day,I maxed out JC, alchemy and inscription.Mining and herbs were maxed out a few days later. I need to get my 75 mage to 85 so I can max out enchanting and tailoring.

  4. You and I have our gaming priorities straight — professions are always one of the very first things I focus in on!
    I’m playing on new servers (ignoring Bronzebeard for now), and hope to see you in game!

  5. I am impressed with your auctioneering, Josh!
    I am aiming more for break-even, which is pretty cool given the number of professions I’ve maxed (6 crafting professions and counting!)

  6. Yep, I try to knock out my professions early. Of course it helps that all my that I’m currently playing are all on one server.
    Everything feels so new to myself. I haven’t played since late December or early January of this year. I did just learn that my 75 mage can max out her professions (enchanting and tailoring) at 80. Of course I’m doing happy squees over that.
    I leveled my Spriest through the first quest hub, and was shocked at how fast she mows things down. It’s much faster than my guardian bear. I parked her at Halfhill to open up a farming plot. Oh I’d love to wander across you (cross realm) in game. I’m still mainly playing Alliance, although Horde is my favorite faction. I’m seriously thinking of making some of my Alliance, on that server, Horde.

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