MS Paint Screenshots Save the Day!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of bringing my beloved shadow priest along to her first Naxx raid, as part of our guild’s first foray. I have to say it was some of the most fun raiding in which I have anticipated. There is a lot to be said for folks who are able to kick back and have fun even when doing content they have never seen before. Gives me added appreciation for what I already knew to be a super group of folks.

Our first Heigan kill was perhaps my most epic battle*. It was our second go at him, and we lost a few peeps to lag on the first dance, but lost everyone except our two tanks, our paladin healer and myself to the disease after the dance. (next time: dedicated cleanser!) He was at 2/3 health or therabouts. And where other raid leaders with a less stout heart might have growled at us to “wipe up!”, our fearless leader kept on, as did the other 3 of us.

We danced, danced, danced. 21 minutes into the fight, our raid leader said “Here’s our victory lap!”, as we went intodance mode with his health at 0%, DoTs ticking away. WHAM! 3 of us died. BAM! Shadow Word Pain killed him! Victorious, and at the 22 min mark, our last lady standing fell down and died as well.

It was not the most impressive kill shot, to be certain, but it sure was fun. And I am confident in my Safety Dance abilities in a way I never was before.

We also took down Loatheb that afternoon, but forgot to take a screenie in our excitement. Luckily, one of our raid members has a knack for the MS Paint, and thus I bring you our Loatheb fight (I’m the purpley shadow priest with the bob at the far right, grasping my wand for dear life…)

(MS Paint Screenie courtesy of Narcissus.)

* prior holder of that title was a heroic Sethekk Halls wherein my healy druid and a rogue took the boss from half health to dead, after having lost the rest of the team to their not running behind a pillar fast enough.

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