More Pillaging from the Pirates

After a very long work day, I came home to find the Pirates taking down the city leaders. We’ve become quite proficient at it, and count many war bears amongst our members. I had planned to do my dailies and sit it out, but then a new shiny carrot was dangled in front of me…

Why was everyone headed to Dustwallow Marsh?

To pay Jaina a visit?

Invite, please!

I’ll admit, I felt a little bad about raiding Jaina in her ivory tower. After all, all she wanted to do was to study. But then, all of a sudden, she cast her eyes on me…and PORTED ME INTO THE OCEAN.

Oh wait, I remember why I don’t like you, Jaina. You stopped me from giving Wrynn a good stomping in the Battle for Undercity. And you seem to be leading Thrall on while you still carry some sort of a torch for your lost Arthas. And whenever something doesn’t go your way you port on out.

I made my way past the Alliance 80s that were camped in the ocean (surprisingly all 4 of them ran away from me, a poor little soggy shadow priest), back up the ramp, and helped finish Jaina off. She was a much tougher fight, with more casualties and difficulty than Tyrande.

Sorry my dear, you will have to study another day.

Grats to the Pirates for this additional pillaging!

2 thoughts on “More Pillaging from the Pirates”

  1. Hey congrats, that sounds like fun. I took Zugs on the For the Horde event this past Sunday, logged on later that evening to find some of SHP defending Silvermoon from Ally. I popped on Holi and healed for a bit before I had to log off. It was fun. Alliance made two attempts and got stomped each time.
    The most epic Jaina fight I’ve seen has been Jaina battling Thrall. The goon squad kited her all the way to Thrall in Orgrimmar. That had to be an awesome thing to see.

  2. We got to defend Org the other night too. I love that there has been more world PvP on BB lately. I’ve missed that. In vanilla, my Ally server had a lot of that, centered around Word Dragons and the BWL entrance mostly, hehe.

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